Earn through face book without investment

Everyone from us is interested in earning, as money is need
of everyone, thousands of people search through internet to earn more, although
some of them achieve their goals and many of us are deceived from different
sides which are actually scam/fake.. earning is not very easy, you may get many
emails and messages that you will earn 500/ 200$ in hour, just register for
20/49$, these all are fake, actually these are the ways for deceiving people,
once you will enter your bank detail they will take out money using you details
as these will be saved on their sites, although all not scam, here are also
many good sites, ways, etc,. Like earning through blog writing, by Google
adsense, YouTube, some PTC sides, face book etc…
Here in this Article you will come to know about earning
through face book by using click bank account, earning through face book is
actually done by promotions of some products, there are also some other ways
but I am not sure these works or not but the way I am introducing here is
really works and that is to promote products of an affiliate site, although it
needs more time, attention and hard working as well, as I told you before
earning is not easy,
Developing Id on FB know by everyone, so it is the 1st
  • ü 
    Create an Id on face book:   You can use your own
    name as well
  • ü 
    Create another ID on click bank:
                              Sign up there, follow
instruction, after sign up you will see the top in the click bank page a
marketplace, click there, and go down with the curser,

on the right site there
will be a title named categories select one of the categories you may promote
other products also, although if you will focus on one category than you may
concentrate well, also set you fb page keeping view that category, click on
selected category and then you will see the different product page will be
open, take help of images,

Select one product, then click on create, you will see another
window will open, the link is available have more characters, users may not
like to click on that or sometimes Face book will also deny to post that, don’t
be worry for this, as you can use some sites to minimize the link length, there
is the site known tinyurl that is use to tiny the url characters,  copy the url you want to make tiny paste as
shown in picture and then press the make tiny URL button, you will get a link which
is tiny, you can open it in other window and you will see the same product page
you want to access will be open, copy the link you make tiny paste on fb and do
not post before adding a sentence  related
to the product you promoting, write some words that convince others to buy

product, make your face book look related with your selling products,

In the way you can earn by promoting different products and
will get commission directly in your account, you can promote some other sites
product as well like commission junction and amazon.com etc… 
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