Home Remedied for Hands & Feet fairness


Among other boimagesdy parts hands and feet are also the parts which remain uncover though Like face hands and feet are also important parts of our life so most of us take care of this though its little tough to take continue care for people who remain busy in today’s life particularly women who love to take care their self but due to their busy life or expensive products could not do this, women usually go salon for mani cure /pedi cure which are little expansive and every one can’t afford this so I will tell you some very effectual and useful tips here which will change your look, many women just take care of their face and with time their face skin become fair but hands and feet look remain in same condition and their than their color seems artificial so I will suggest you to use these tips result will force you to suggest your friends and you will definitely do this as a result you will yourself more good and confident as well,

1: Gram Flour M10-tips-of-soft-and-fair-hands-feet-8agic:

It is a magical tip that will give beautiful feet and hands and will change your extreme life, very easy tip but you need to be active to do this continually, you want gram flour 3 tble spn, 1 chitki (little) turmeric powder, and cold milk, mix this and make paste although do not put more milk that make this paste thin, it should be little thick, massage with paste on your feet and hands, and let it get dry after 15 minutes massage again and then wash with cold water,  do this action atleast 3 times in week for one month after one month decrease time then twice in a week, I am very sure result will motivate you and you would love to do this magic again and again,

2: Orange Peel powder with Milk:

Mix both ingredients, make thick paste and then apply on your feet and hands leave for 30 minutes, massage and rinse it deeply, do this daily after 10 days you will see the change, if you will continue with this within 1 and half month your skin color will extremely change ,

3: Oatmeal Tip:download (1)

This one is also fruitful tip for dark hands and feet, you need oatmeal, curd, lemon and tomato juice apply this paste daily until you get your required result,



4: Cucumber and Lemon Juice:download

Effective paste of cucumber, lemon and pinch of turmeric powder, apply this mixture twice in a day, like when you wash your hands and during washing massage for 5 minutes, this is simple homemade whitening tip usually beautician give this tip,



5: Egg Yolk with Almond powder

You need one egg yolk, almond powder, little honey and one lemon make fusion of all ingredients and then simply massage on hands and feet, but smoothly, and then wash, it will not only fair your hands but will also give you smooth hands,

6: Glycerin Magic:

For smooth and fair body parts you should massage of glycerin mix paste, make paste of glycerin, egg white, honey and lemon, also add little rose water


One step tips:    

  • Rub lemon on your hands and feet dark spots daily,
  • Put your hands and feet in Luke warm water for 8 to 10 minutes daily for softness
  • For fresh skin rub alovera on your skin
  • Apply cucumber juice with lemon and salt

Enjoy my easy tips, and do not forget to shape your nails after above message pastes and scrubs,

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Best tips for fairness


Having fair and glow skin is dream of every one for this we try many products and do many expenses, sometime also exceed our budget just because to look beautiful, though mostly that fairness remain timely or sometimes other side effects for using different products make us upset and then again we see for other products but hardly we apply home based tips because we don’t know or we don’t believe on that or not sure we feel it will be west of time etc…  in my this article I will tell you many easy tips that will be very easy, cheep, and guaranteed tips with no side effects,

Note: People who feel their skin is very sensitive I will suggest them not to apply these tips, they must contact with their skin specialist,

One more thing for all readers when you start to apply any product on your face and you get a pimple on face don’t take it very serious, most of time this happen when you change your products or apply new things it will remain timely.  Drink more water it will glow your skin

1: Almond Powder Paste:images (1)

It is one of the best skin fairness tip, you need 2 tble spn almond powder, 1 tble spn honey and half tble spn lemon juice apply on your face, apply this mixture and massage softly, wash with cold water after 15-20 minutes


2: Multani mitti facial:

Take 1 2 table spn of Multani mitti, 4/5 drops of lemon and egg white, mix this paste and apply on face, keep these 10-15 minutes on face and wash with cold water, apply this 3 times in week within one month you will see extreme change in your skin, I will suggest to apply this paste on neck and hands.

3: Gram and Rice Flour pasturmeric-packte:

This is also Effective tip for fairness here you will need 1 tble spn of gram flour 1 of rice flour, half tspn of turmeric powder a little drops of lemon, mix this well and also add rose water in it apply this paste on your face, you may apply on daily basis although depend upon you apply daily or atleast 4 times in week for better result, hope you will see positive result after using one week.

4: Banana & Milk:

Home remedy for skin soft and shinny, take 1 banana and 4 to 5 table spn of milk, mesh it deeply and then apply on face, this is really best tip for skin glow and softness apply 20 minutes atleast and rinse it with cold water.

5: Cucumber with Yogurts or with water melon juice:images (2)

Take any 2 things cucumber with yogurt or with water melon juice, mesh it deeply and apply paste on your face and neck, as it get little dry then wash it., apply atleast for 20 minutes.. Use this 3 times in week it will fair your skin not for time being, result will amaze you,

Tomato, lemon, coconut water and cold milk massage can also give you fair skin, you must give 1 hour yourself d
aily if you want to look beautiful,

I will suggest you to apply rose water on your face after and paste, facial or scrub and drink as much water as you can also walk even for 15 minutes but make this necessary,

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Best Home Remedies for Black & Whiteheads


Blackheads, dark spots or comedones are like small mark or images (1)surface of your skin, mostly people with oily skin have this problem and almost in adolescence age they face this problem, these dark spots actually decrease beauty and blackheads mainly occur on face or nose, some people call blackheads first stage of acne as sometimes these change into pimples and when pimple finish from your skin it will leave a dark spot with open pores skin, so I will suggest to apply these home remedies for get spot free skin,

All remedied are very common sometimes we have solutions in front us but we don’t know about that,

1: Baking Soda:

Are you amazed by hearing about baking soda??? That how it will be applied on face? Don’t worry about because iblackheads-home-remedyt is guaranteed tip, it will not only remove blackhead although will help to reduce acne as well, you just need two table spoon baking soda mix it in pure and clean water and then apply paste on your face, do this at least 3 times in a week, also use tomato on your face, just take one tomato piece and rub on your face it will also shine your skin,

2: Oatmeal and Yogurt Paste:

One of the good tip is also oatmeal and yogurt paste, take 2 table spn oatmeal , 2 table spn yogurt mix it well, and then put half lemon juice in it, if you have olive oil you can also put that mix all ingredients, keep that paste for 20 minutes and apply on your face leave for more 20 minutes and then wash, you can also massage with this paste but with your fingers help and also smoothly, wash with cold water apply this 2 times in week and continue till 1 month after that if you feel your skin is shinning and blackheads are decreasing than continue with it otherwise you may stop it,



3: White Egg with Honey

Mixture of white of egg and honey also gave fruitful result though you need to apply at least 4 to 5 times in week, take white of 1 or 2 eggs and put 1 tble spn of honey, mix it and then apply..

You can also use lemon juice for spot free skin, rub Lemmon on face daily,

 4: Thick paste of cinnamon

Cinnamon powder with lemon juice will also remove black and white heads from your face, make thick mixture and apply on your face, result will surprise you, this tip is also very fruitful as I always got amazing results with it, and lemon will also help to shine your skin

5: Sugar with Honey

You need 2 or 3  tble spn of grind sugar mix it with honey, clean your face with clean water and then apply scrub on your face The scrub will slough off the dead skin that will permit the blackheads to surface this tip is also very effective for this problem,

  • Do not touch your face with your hands
  • use separate towel, clean your face with towel but very smoothly
  • clean your face at least 3 times, but avoid different cleansers apply cleanser that match your skin
  • to keep oil away from your face do not put oil in hairs for more time

Enjoy my home based tips and also refer to others as they can also get advantage with it.

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How to write useful Research Paper

researchWriting a research is not easy so everyone who has good writing skills even can’t write research paper or proposals, it is a key skill that will push you towards success though if you have good writing skill, you will continue concentrate on writing researches or proposals, will read many researches done by famous personalities and also will follow some tips given by me or any other then you can definitely get that success, It will take little time to be good researcher or writer, may be couple of months or perhaps couple of years even, nowadays everything is available in finger tips just you need a computer with net connection, you can visit whole world while sitting in front of your PC, learners no need of tutors Google teach everything just need to write proper words or sentences. So you can get 100s of tips for research as well,


While going to the tips one very important thing for research is to write proper contents or proper sequence, it actually is a first page after cover page that will motivate reader to read your research as we write papers and give talks mainly to impress others, gain recognition, and get promoted, this is also the tip

Tip 1: Proper content

  • Choose a topic ( write clear and concise that reader can understand)
  • Find information ( before taking information confirm it whether it is right or not)
  • Tentative Outline ( in start make tentative outline but after complete writing see where topic should be set)
  • put your notes in order ( see sequence of sentences)
  • write 1st and then 2nd Draft ( make check list as well while finalizing it)

Tip 2: Title Page

  • Title page should be simple and give complete sense of research topic

Tip 3: Abstract & Informationbooks

  • Do not write one page, that will tire reader, put relevant information

Tip 4: Focus on Statistics

  • Before writing figures confirm it from other sites or from your field,
  • Statistics attract readers, many readers love to read researches for statistics as theses are easy to memorize

Tip 5: Easy Language:

  • Language should be very easy because research always done to give knowledge to others, though if language will be tough reader will not love to read it

Tip 6: Avoid writing unclear things

  • Do not write information that is not clear to you, or not be more efficient to write the information that not give complete sense, it will destroy your whole effort

Above tip means be original!

Tip 7: Abbreviation

  • Avoid writing abbreviation though if you write abbreviations, do not forget to describe it in end of research, or also at 2nd

Tip 8: Charts

  • Put charts though these must be very clear, in case of confusion remove it

Tip 9: Reference

  • Do not forget to write references from you got information, though write information in your own words,
  • Make that more easy , more understandable for readers

Hope you will enjoy my simple and easy tips and will help you to improve your skills as research or articles are always written to convey ideas, so optimistically I have conveyed my ideas as well……

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Home Remedies for Cough


images (1)

Coughing is normal, it’s not very serious though if it is continue like more days then and good remedy can be apply, because if it remain sustain a person may have some other problems like headache, laziness some time also eye weakness, short time coughing like 1 to 2 weeks that can be because of weather change, flue, infection etc although long time like more than 2 weeks can be because of allergy or another underlying disorder.


We commonly take cough syrups for get rid of this though here I am introducing some common easy and available products suggestion,

Honey with Lemon Juice:images (2)

This is one of the magical remedy, you just need one tea spn honey 1 juicy lemon and a glass of warm water, mix it and drink it, within 2 to 3 days cough will be finish, you will feel the result from first day, but continue drinking this 4 or 5 days for more good result

Honey with Ginger juice:

One of the resultant remedy is also honey with ginger juice, don’t need anything more just 1 tea spn ginger juice and 1 tea spn honey mix it in a spoon and drink it twice in a day, within three days cough end, its guaranteed as it is self experienced.

Honey with Black Pepper:images

This remedy is may be new for you; most people don’t know that black pepper also work for cough end, take 1 spn black paper, 8 ounce water 2 table spn honeys and steep it for 7-8 minutes and then drink it, it will also have good test, I actually like to take it, it keeps your throat clean and cough finish from root, drink this daily particularly in winter,

Licorice Root Tea:

This remedy is not common though it is also useful; you need 2 to 3 table spn dried licorice root 9 ounce of water, boil it and keep that water for almost half hour and then drink that tea, you can also keep on fire for hot tea, take 2 cups daily,

Apply these remedies and get rid from cough……..

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Tips & Steps for Decision making

Making decision for any problem
is easy but making right and guaranteed decision is very difficult, so you will
come to know in my article that how to make effectual decision, and what steps
may be taken for ensuring that decision is right or not, Many leaders, managers
do not success it is only due to poor decision making, here we talking about decision
of any problem whether in our personal or professional life, in our work etc.  Before making the decision we need to understand
problem its level and then it should be deeply evaluate keeping different alternative
aspect in mind, we have many examples of success leaders who got their destiny
with their positive efforts, I can tell you with huge confidence
all leaders are not created equivalent as it comes to the capability of
their decision skills nothing will test your leadership courage more than your
ability to make decisions. Decision making is not different then
leadership it is linked with it, decision making is actually depend upon the
level of problem, though same steps will be followed but distribution of time
in each step will be totally different, If a leader/ manager make one bad
decision then proofing it right they make many other bad decision, one bad
decision upon others became reason of failure of given task as a result project
vision fail and image of leader also destroyed, if you want to became successful
in your life then follow these tips, by following these you can be good
decisions maker,
  • ü  Stop Seeking Perfection
  • ü  Be Confident
  • ü  Be Independent
  • ü  Turn your brain off
  • ü  Do not solve a problem, decide it
  • ü  Admit your mistakes,

Now we will see what steps we should follow for better decision,  

Step 1: Identify Problem and its level:

Here you must know what is the problem?
 And how serious it
Here we need to see problem with
each angel,

Step 2: Seek and gather Information:

Why this problem created? How it was created?
What is related and what is not related to the decision?
What do you need to know before you can make a decision, or
that will help you make the right one?
Who knows, who can assist, who has the power and authority to
make this happen or stop?                  
And related information with the

Step 3: Analyze the Situation of Problem:

What possible
remedies are available?
different explanation of the data may be possible?
process will take place here, you have to analyze problem deeply

Step 4: See for Alternatives:

In this step you need to see that what alternatives are available,
if your problem not solve with available possibility means here you will have
to ask If Questions,

Step 5: Evaluation of Alternatives:

In above
steps you have seen possible remedies, and developed alternatives as well, so
here you will have to evaluate alternatives whether alternatives you have choose
are actually fine or here is still need to review this, that will be evaluate
from available information
Assess for feasibility, suitability and popularity.
Which alternative can best to attain your objectives?
selecting an alternative you also need to asses risk for selected alternatives,

Step 6: Implement and Evaluate Outcome:

When all other processes end, and then implement your Plan but
do not forget to monitor it time to time, as If you see this do not work well
you can change your decision, but this can hardly happen that after applying
complete steps you may not feel need to change decision,

Do not make quick decisions, or in case of emergency you may
make decision but I will suggest to apply this process though you may merge 2,
3 steps seeing the situation, 
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How to make Effective Resume/CV

CV means Curriculum Vitae is actually
outline of a person professional and educational history, this is the document
that attract reader for short listing of applicants, that means CV outlook
should professional, it is very important document as in a 1, 2 or 3 pages our all
important data is written and that should be correct, simple and understandable
to the readers, this document is not for us so every word should be written as
clear as reader can understand easily, so it should be kept in mind while
developing resume that other person will be able to  understand or not, avoid using short forms as
you may understand but others can’t,

Example: I am QEM in an Organization and I have written
in My Resume, I applied in other organization, now reader have question, What
Does QEM mean?? it means it is not clear to them, although it is
written Quality Education Monitor, now that objection killed reader not have
more time to read your CV as he will have to see many others as well, You know
many people hire others for developing their CV and they pay them more 100$ or
may be some take less, you can search on Google professional CV Developers, or
at some sites as Rozee.pk, Brightspyre etc.. But If you understand this article
clearly you may develop your effective resume, more you can take help from Google,
as Having a solid and effectual resume can significantly
improve your chances of landing that dream job
Usually CV is divided in 5 main parts,
1.       Heading & Objective
2.       Personal Information
3.       Education
4.       Experience
5.       Expertise or Skills

 First Part in
directly link with, who you are, from, nationality, etc but this part is very
important as it tells about your profile
In part 2nd Heading and Objective, you need to write your
name in Bold Letters, size should be enough like 36 or 48, add address and
contact after this in small letters, then add objective, which must be very
clear that what you want to say, it will more good if you change the objective during
applying seeing the organization type, In 3rd Part add complete educational information, start from
HSC till your education, and write grade,%, institute, year of passing and
group beside the degree, In education part you may include a sub Part like,
Awarded certificates in during education,
In 4th part professional experience will be add,
but if you have been working since last 10-15 years, and you may have started
from the age 16/17 so it is not important to write all experience briefly, as
more concise, concrete  CVs are more recommended,
although If you have work with an organization so you need to write time
period, organization name, designation, and your main responsibilities, but it
should be concise and should give complete sense , that what you want to say,
you may include your main achievement during working with organization,
In last part that include Expertise or Skills, write all
expertise or courses you have done for improving professional life, or you may have
attended mega level conferences, trainings, but here you also need to add
important things only,
Sometimes people add, 2 days training here, 3 days training
there, do not add such trainings or events, which increase pages of your CV and
are not important as well, add your capabilities and qualities in this part
 Main Suggestions for
effective resume:
Use effective Titles
Use Bullet Points
Proofread more then 2 3 times
Put most important information only
No need to add logos of organizations or pics
Update and change your resume with time
Do not include list of responsibility, it is boring
and reduce chance for short listing, add just 2 3 words
No lies in Resume, write real education and
Try your resume be reviewed by someone else as
Don’t write extra things like hobbies etc
Try to write action verbs
Avoid writing pronouns
CV should be simple, no fancy design
Write email and contact after your name on the
top of the page, but contact must be prope
Use good quality white or off-white
Spell and punctuate perfect
This article will be helpful for developing quality resume as a result you will get short list for interview, also read my previous article on interview http://www.amazinginfosworld.com/2015/06/effective-tips-for-interview-skills.html
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Effective Tips for Interview Skills

Interview is first stage
/stare to get your Life goal, although it’s not important that you pass every
interview, but it is important to appear in different interviews because it is
part of learning, not learning only but sometime it also drive you for being a
more efficient, active & informative as well, I am Writing this article to
aware you some very effective and valuable tips for appearing in an interview,
You may have been
appeared in many interviews and may have success as well, although some time you
also think after interview that you did well, now it is your job!!! But result
is totally changed, and you get depress why it is so!! So this article will
also give answer of your questions and hopefully it will play role for your
next job interview,

1: First

 You may have hear many time first impression
is last impression so what it is actually, it does mean when you go for
interview, or enter in interview room,
Greet interviewer with
smile on your face, this is actually for attention of interviewers, as someone
has said You have to sell yourself before you can sell anything else, so it
motivation tip.

2: Always
Prepare for interview

Sometimes we do not read
CVs, whether it is updated or not, and do not check all documents, even do not read
requirement of Job, so it is essential to be prepare from all prospective of an
Be prepare for the
position you have applied, think
Why you are applying for
this position?
Do you enough knowledge
for this position?
Do you think that you are
capable for this Position?
Does your Previous
Experience of Education match for this Position?
If yes than its great but
if no, then skip this job, because Job does not mean to earn only It also mean
to develop your career as well, appearing in interview develop your image in
front experienced and senior people,
Research before going to
the interview,
Example: If you’re
applying for Monitoring Position,
See what is monitoring?
Strategies for monitoring, monitoring frame work etc, read all material,
Google is good friend it
provide all facilities, just go for this,

but don’t talk too much:

Listening properly does
mean you are good communicator, when interviewer is talking listen very
carefully and give concise answers of question, do not talk too much it leave
wrong impression, do not talk extra other then answer, be on the point, though
when interviewer ask for briefing then tell but in very soft manner, having eye
to eye contact and smiley face as well,

appropriate language and don’t be too familiar:

Use professional language
as it is professional meeting, avoid using any improper slang word references to
age, race, religion, politics or sexual orientation such topics could send you
out the door very quickly. 
Proper and professional attitude make
your chance strong, as it is professional meeting so do not behave like friend
give well respect to interviewers, 
Sometimes during the interview people
talk about some other issues, avoid for this as well,Attitude
plays a key role in your interview achievement; there is a fine balance among
self-confidence, professionalism and humility. Even if you’re putting on a
performance to exhibit your talent, overconfidence is as bad, if not inferior,
as being too aloof.

 Tricky Questions by Interviews:

Many of us do not pass interview due to their
negative answers about last organization, employees, collogues or project where
you have worked,
Like, interviewer why you apply for this job,
though you have fine job now?
If your answer I am fed up from current one,
behaviors of employees is not good, injustice, too much work , poor management
Then it is confirm you will not be hired, but
if your answer is positive like,
I want to learn more in different positions,
I Love to work for such project you have
I want to have change for development etc,
Many others tricky questions can be, it was
just one example, so be ready for answering but in very soft language,

Ask Question:

This is common observation that when an interviewer asks
that you have any question? Most of us reply no, though if you say yes, it will
be added as + point but that question should be related with organization or
with job,

This article will really be very helpful for you, and you
may have got answers of your questions as said above, 
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How to Cook Delicious Shami kabab

Yummy Dish, which is eaten almost all
over the world, although it different names due to different language, and even
different recipes to cook it, here in Pakistan in my country it is known as Shami
kabab, it is very delicious and also easy to cook with different recipes, In my
article I will introduce 2 different methods to make Shami kabab, in one you
need to boil meet and grind in but in other way no need to grind Meet, it will
only be cut in small pieces,

1: Shami Kabab with grind Meet:

In this
recipe you need meet as much you want, yellow split pulse 1/3 of meet, wash
them and keep them for boiling in
pressure cooker, put these things in cooker,
Suppose you
have 1 kg Meet put 1 and half cup of yellow pulse, then
3 tea spoon
paste of ginger and garlic
  Salt as u
chilli as you like
Mix Garam
Masala 1 tea spn
Water as
much as meet and pulse can be cook well
Then keep on good temperature, when
you feel that it is cooked well, stop cooking and grind the mixture in machine,
or you may grind with traditional tools but that must be grind well, then put 2
eggs, paste/small pieces of coriander in the mixture, some other things which
you feel you can make more delicious your dish, like lemon juice, grinder white
zera anything..then make little round pieces of that
mixture, and cook in pan at low temperature serve with different delicious
ketchup/ chutney,

2: Vegetable Shami Kabab:

This one is little different from
above one, here you 2 3 different vegetables, of your choice, as here we are
going to cook shami kabab which include these vegetables,
  Potato (2
middle size enough in 1 Kg but gring with pulse, or mesh it)
 Onion (same
but in very small pieces)
Cabbage ( as
much you like small pieces)
Green Beans
( as much you like)
Cut all vegetables in small pieces
and boil except onion, on other hand boil chicken with pulse (pulse optional),
3 tea spoon pastes of ginger and garlic Salt as u like, Green chili as you like,
Mix Gram Masala 1 tea spn, Water as much as meet and pulse can be cooked well,
then same as I told in above recipe, after this put two eggs and mix all
vegetable and coriander as well, then make small round pieces, cook in low temperature
and serve this delicious and yummy dish,

Make sure all vegetables cook well
then mix it, In second recipe do not grind meet just cut in pieces , hope you
will like both recipes

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How to get Spot free Skin

Skin is most important part of
our body, particularly face skin, we do not want to have spot full skin, as it
is external part of our body, with many reasons we get spots, pimples or other
skin problems, mostly working people have this issue, as sun light and mud also
can be the reason for this, care yourself as it is very important, so take
benefits from my this article, I am going to introduce some very easy and fruitful
method, but you have to find time to apply these methods, If you want result
then follow my instruction,

Lemon and Onion Juice:

juice is accepted bleaching mediator with its acid inside. It is an unbelievable
home remedy being used as organic bleaching agent to ease the dark spots on
face.. you need 1 large lemon, get that juice and dip a cotton piece and
apply on your face, for 10-15 minutes, do this twice in a day, apply cotton 3 4
times up and down and make sure spot place totally covered, same in onion juice
but you can apply onion juice more than 20 minutes, like 20-30 minutes, then ruin
with cold water, applying any face wash suit your face,

Fenugreek Leaves

Very useful for spot full skin,
fenugreek is very helpful in removing dark spots, you just need paste of
fenugreek leaves mixing with water and apply on your face let it get fully dry
may take more than 30 minutes, then wash it, this paste is also useful for
getting rid from acne scars, they are more useful if you include cinnamon but
not very important  

Banana and Cucumber paste

Make paste of cucumber and banana in a bowl then mix together the both
in a mixer or grinder. Put equivalent quantity of honey and lemon juice into
mixture. Put 2 to drops of olive oil in the mixture and mix together it well. after
a fine mixture apply on your face leave for 30 to 40 minutes till it get dry
and then wash, use this at least 15 days regularly, result will wonder you, and
I guarantee you will start to suggest others as well. your skin will be smooth
and spot free.

Use of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is really a amazing aromatic plant with many health reimbursement.
This is one solution to numerous skin and attractiveness related problem. Used of
Aloe Vera is a great natural moisturizer with effectiveness to treat sunburns. Aloe Vera
is a pleasant solution to lighten dark spots, take aloe era leaves blend them
and apply juice on face, it will not only remove dark spots, but your skin will
shine, it is very common home remedy, many beauticians give this tip for skin
shining although this will give you result if you continuously apply this at least
15 days, apply juice and wash after 10-15 minutes, result amazed you, as this
is a natural facial,
Some common tips steaming you face once in week, apply Vitamin
E oil, apply Curd once in 3 days, and make essential use of Rose water,  
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